Writing a Letter of Transfer

When you have reviewed the purchase offer, reached a consensus with the buyer and are in the process of finalizing the sale, it is time to consider how you will tell your patients about the change of ownership. The most professional and formal way to do this is by writing a Letter of Transfer to your patients. This should always include an introduction to the new doctor, and might include some of your own personal flair about how great it has been to serve the community.

It is important to give your patients a good impression of the buyer. You want them to know they are in good hands. This can significantly impact patient retention, the success of the incoming dentist, and the reputation you leave behind. If you have been working with us through the transition process, you almost certainly like and admire the doctor who will be taking over, so it shouldn’t be hard to speak highly of him or her. Even so, it is important to make sure the buyer approves of this introduction at this time. All parties need to be comfortable with the timing of each step.

Need Help Writing Your Letter of Transfer?

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