Selling Your Dental Practice - The Step-by-Step Guide

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1. Confidentiality Assurance

One thing that you can be assured of is the sale of your dental practice will be handled confidentially. We have safeguards and procedures in place to protect your confidentiality and treat our practice listings with the utmost discretion. All of our listings are strictly confidential. We take precautions to prevent your employees, customers, competitors, or suppliers from learning about your plans to sell.

2. Qualifying Buyers


We sort out unqualified buyers and then go a step further with the serious and motivated buyers. Southeast Transitions Practice Sales has developed a buyer profiling system that determines the needs, interests, and ambitions of our buyers. We treat the purchasers with the same confidentiality sellers have come to expect. After discussing their needs and interests we explore practices and opportunities. Sellers can be sure that their practice will be presented to potential buyers that are the right fit, serious, and motivated.

3. Follow-Up with Prospective Buyers


Making the decision to buy is often as hard as deciding to sell. We can follow up with prospects without damaging your negotiating position or having you appear too eager to sell.

4. Offers and Deal Structure


We know how to structure transactions to minimize the chance of a problem. We use our experience to develop terms that are acceptable and work for everyone. We prepare the offer using the appropriate documents and clauses. The offer, accompanied by an earnest money deposit and information about the buyer, will be explained to you. We then counsel you on your options of accepting, countering, or rejecting the offer and on what has to be completed before closing can take place. We will coordinate with all parties to keep the process moving to a closing in a timely manner.

5. Negotiation


We guide you through contract negotiations and work with other professionals to help put tax, legal and practice issues in perspective. As a third party intermediary, we can be persistent with the buyer, encouraging him or her to make a decision, without implying in any way that you are anxious to sell. All of our brokers are experienced negotiators. Even if you are a good negotiator, it helps to have an intermediary between you and the buyer to facilitate negotiations without damaging the goodwill you will be transferring to the purchaser.

6. Buyer’s Assistance


We have found that the best way to assure a successful sale is to assist the buyer through every step of the buying process. We unravel the “mystery” of buying a practice and make the buyer comfortable with the whole process. We prepare them to act quickly when we present the right opportunity. We explain the seller’s needs to the buyer prior to the negotiation stage. After a purchase agreement has been accepted, we facilitate the purchaser in reviewing the books and records of the practice and assist with the lease, licenses, and necessary approvals.

How Southeast Transitions’ marketing team sells your dental practice fast!

Market Advice

Your Southeast Transitions Practice Sales Advisor will advise you on preparing your practice for sale. We share our knowledge of the market place and competitive practice offerings with you. Your Advisor will analyze your practice’s financial history, lease, and market comparables and then apply valuation techniques to ensure the practice price and terms are appropriate for the current local market.


Your Southeast Transitions Practice Sales Advisor will prepare descriptive information about your practice and personally introduce it to the other brokers in the Southeast Transitions Practice Sales system.


We advertise your practice and others like yours, to get the highest response and greatest number of prospects. We use a variety of advertising media including our popular website, other dental related websites, the ADA Market Place, DentalTown, society and association advertising, e-mail and fax campaigns and other print and social media. Any one of our ads could be the one that reaches the buyer for your practice. The advertising media selected for your practice will depend upon the type and size of your practice.


We collect all the information necessary to sell your practice and prepare a Practice Profile (outline) of your practice, highlighting its strengths and benefits. In most cases, buyers do not see any of your confidential records until they have signed a non-disclosure document or you have accepted their offer with an earnest money deposit.

It's Risk Free

We research your practice, help you get the practice ready for sale, advise you on pricing and structuring, prepare a marketing package, advertise your practice, interview buyers, negotiate on your behalf and do everything necessary for a smooth sale. We do all this with no fee, until a buyer is found and the deal is closed.

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