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When it comes to significant events in your life, selling your dental practice is as life-changing and emotional as buying or building your dream home, getting married or even the birth of a child. As with your other significant life events, selling a dental practice requires specialized knowledge and the support of skilled professionals to achieve your goals with the least possible risk. Our Dental Practice Transition Advisors are all dental industry professionals who understand that you have unique requirements and we tailor our methods to fit your specific needs.

Since this decision effects both you and your family, we recommend that you have fully discussed your plans with your spouse and made her or him an integral part of the decision process. These are some key considerations you should discuss prior to making the decision to sell:

What You Should Consider Before Selling Your Dental Practice

– Is your retirement funded?

– How much more do you need to retire?

– What is the state of your health / How much more can you work?

– What life events are impacting your decision?

– What are your goals for the sale of your dental practice?

What is your plan after you no longer own a dental practice?

Once you can answer these questions, you will have a clear understanding of why you want to sell your dental practice and what your goals for the sale are. This helps us to package and market your dental practice to meet your specific goals. If you are having trouble answering these questions, our Dental Transition Advisors can help facilitate the conversation.

Now that You have Decided to Sell Your Dental Practice…

…the fun begins. You can see your goals clearly and you are anxious to get started. What happens next? The first step is a dental practice valuation. Our valuation process ensures that you get a thorough assessment of and defendable value for your ongoing operations. This allows us to create a pricing strategy that is aligned with the most current market conditions and fits your expectations.

Once a price has been established, these are the next things will happen. We will:

  1. Market your practice to a qualified buyer pool
  2. Qualify prospective buyers on your behalf
  3. Show your practice to qualified candidates
  4. Manage the purchase offer process
  5. Negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale on your behalf ( Price, AR, Change of Control, Work Back Period, Etc.)
  6. Facilitate the closing
  7. Deliver your check

Our process is designed to minimize the amount of time you need to take away from practicing dentistry while you are selling your business. This ensures that your patients and staff experience no degradation in performance and your business maintains its normal cash flow. Dentistry is your full time job. Selling dental practices is the full time job of our Advisors. When WE work together effectively, YOU achieve YOUR Goals.

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